About us


Restaurant and Hotel “De Notaris” is located in the heart of Tubbergen on the Grotestraat. 

“de Notaris” is very well suited for a nice meal, a delightfull dining evening or just having a nice drink. The atmosphere is homely, warm and casual. Besides the menu is very broad and certainly affordable. There is always a daily meal for the price of €11,50 and besides the other dishes there are always “specials” like home made stews and seasonal dishes. Everything is served with baked potatoes, fries, fresh vegetables and a crispy fresh salad. 

We can also make special arrangements for larger groups. And you can also rent the entire venue for a drink, party, birthday or other festive events!

Very soon we would like to accept guests for the hotel aswell.

We hope to great you,
 Restaurant Hotel “de Notaris”.

Fun, good and Friendly!

Luuk en Jacqueline